Education and Career Assistance

Foundation History


1984 -  High Plains Helping Hand is founded

2001 - Angel donation from GlobalCom funds outreach for west Africa division.

 2015 - Changed our mission to Career and Education

2017 - We began a Dinner and Donation fundraiser. We partnered with Pizza Hut and received 10% of every order that mentioned HPHH. We also had volunteers from Borger High School that participated in "Pie a Teacher in the Face". Students paid $5 a plate to throw whip cream pies at any teacher they chose. Several students participated and it was a great night of fun and pizza! We hope to do it again in 2019.

2018 - HPHH assisted many of the students that were in the first EMT-B class offered by Stinnett EMS. The class started in January of 2018 and ended in May 2018. Four of our clients are now certified EMTs and two of them have been hired as full time employees at Stinnett EMS!

2019 - 8 of our GED students graduated on May 5, 2019. Out of those 8, four enrolled in college. We assisted with over $2,000 in supplies for duel credit students at Borger High School and that's just one semester!

HPHH is very proud of our clients that have begun their journey of getting a GED. Many have already completed this journey and several more have just started. We are always excited and celebrate with our clients that finish all four portions of the GED test! We want to thank Frank Phillips College for the fantastic partnership we have with them!

We also have clients that have completed courses such as cosmetology, welding, and nursing. These clients are now working in Hutchinson County earning a sustainable income.